Get Bot Certified: Create a Bot and See It in Action

Duration : 20 Hrs

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  • Hello Bot: Introduction to RPA
  • Bots in Business: How RPA Solves Real-Life Business Challenges

Automation Anywhere University offers twenty-hour training courses culminating in Automation Anywhere certification. The Training will be covered through 10 modules of 3 hours each and it will include:

  • Theoretical training on the tool through classroom based and Computer Based training
  • Practice Exercises including case studies
  • Hands on experience on the tool
  • Academic Multiple Choice Question Evaluation

Completion of the RPA Essentials Certification Training course and clearing the assessment for the certification will open possibilities for candidates to pursue the Advanced and Masters certification programs offered separately by Automation Anywhere. You can log on to or email to to get more information on the same.

This course covers the following topics:


Enterprise business process fundamentals


How to approach automating enterprise processes through Robotic Process Automation


Principles of business process scaling, how to create and deploy software bots effectively and at scale.