Vision & Mission

Automation Anywhere University is preparing the world for the future workforce.

Businesses today increasingly employ both human and digital workers. Automation Anywhere University’s mission is to help professionals thrive in this new workforce. Using the latest technology and tools, Automation Anywhere University transfers RPA knowledge and skills to professionals across all industries worldwide. By offering these valuable training courses and certifications, Automation Anywhere University prepares the next generation of successful business leaders for the new era of global work.


To fulfill its mission, Automation Anywhere University:


Partners with leading educational institutions to offer classroom as well as online courses on Robotic Process Automation.


Delivers training that encompasses RPA technology overviews, theoretical concepts, typical business cases, and hands-on practice exercises.


Evaluates trainees at the conclusion of each training module.


Rewards trainees with globally-recognized Automation Anywhere certification, and opens doors to exciting new career opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions

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To enroll in a course, you must first register with Automation Anywhere University by clicking here. After logging in with your email id and password, you can enroll in Automation Anywhere University RPA training courses.

The best place to start with is the introductory course on RPA, Hello Bot : Introduction to RPA. You can learn more about the course by clicking here. Several advanced courses also require completion of the Bots in Business course. Once you have taken the prerequisite courses, you can enroll in the more advanced professional certification training courses. For further details, please email

After the administrator has approved your enrollment, you will receive a confirmation email along with a link to the online course. For instructor-led training courses, you will be informed of the location, dates, and times of the training with your confirmation email.